I’m sure everyone is looking forward to having a break after a very busy term. It has been great to have students, teachers and all our staff back on campus and it has been wonderful to see everyone working and studying hard.

A lot is happening at Casey Grammar and I’m sure next term will be just as jam-packed with activities and events. So, with that in mind, I wish you all a safe and happy break and look forward to welcoming every one of you back at the start of next term.

A Baby Boom!

Since our last newsletter, Casey Grammar has experienced a baby boom. With much joy we have welcomed:

  • Mia Faye born 2 June, first child to Jessie Delgos
  • Thomas Michael born 7 June, fourth child to Rachel Doran
  • Grace Sophia born 14 June, second child to Monique Riviere-Pendle.

All mums and babies are doing well and we look forward to meeting the new arrivals in the months to come.

At the end of term, we will farewell Beatriz Christensen who is starting maternity leave while she awaits the birth of her second child.

Uniform Supplies

As you may be aware, during the past two years some uniform supplies have been disrupted due to COVID. The uniform shop is still experiencing some supply issues.

The chart below provides information on items which have been unavailable and details when they are expected to arrive. Please note that some items that people have been waiting for have now been delivered to Buxwear.




Due date


Casey Senior/Junior school bag

One Size



In stock email received 1/6/22

Elastic waist Junior pants




Senior Pants




Navy Jumper




Long Sleeve Shirt Junior




In stock email received 1/6/22

Senior Winter Skirt




Senior pants- Female Cut




In stock email received 31/5/22

Junior pants- Female cut




In stock email received 31/5/22

Junior Track pants




In stock email received 31/5/22

Buxwear has been taking orders for uniform items and will send the stock to parents as soon as it arrives.

Please note: 

Our school socks are in plentiful supply. If your child does not have the correct school socks, could you please ensure socks are purchased as soon as possible? There is a number of Senior School students who continue to wear incorrect socks to school. Next term, we will be conducting a uniform blitz so please stock up on socks and hair bands!

Second hand uniform

Thanks to the efforts of our wonderful PFC, we have second hand uniform items for sale at school. The second hand uniform shop will be open between 8.15am – 8.45 am on the following Friday mornings;

  • 24 June
  • 29 July
  • 26 August
  • 16 September

If you are not sure about the location of the second hand uniform shop, please come to reception for directions.

Student Reports

As the school term comes to an end, please note that the end of semester school reports will be issued on the last day of term which is Friday, 24 June.

COVID Staffing Update

Like many schools across the state, we continue to experience staff shortages due to ongoing COVID infections and the current spate of influenza. I would like to extend my thanks to the staff who have taken on extra responsibilities to help ensure all classes can continue to run.

If we find ourselves being unable to provide teachers to supervise all classes, we will ask classes to work asynchronously from home. We will try to give parents as much notice as possible if this happens, so suitable childcare arrangements can be made.

Buildings and Grounds

The building of our new Foundation classrooms at the front of the school will commence next term. Over the school holidays the old the Reggio Building will be demolished and the building site will be fenced off. For safety reasons, please avoid this area as you come and go from the school.

The new Foundation Building is due to open at the start of 2023.