Fruit Filled Lives

I grew up on a fruit orchard on the Mornington Peninsula. Apples were always in abundance and during the summer months the smell of ripe peaches and nectarines wafted around our property and home. I love peaches and nectarines!

Some years there would be a lot of fruit. The conditions, from ideal weather to minimal pests and predators, had been just right to produce a full and healthy crop.

Other years there wasn’t much fruit at all. Perhaps there’d been a hailstorm which damaged the fruit, lorikeets had devastated the crops, or the rain had been extra heavy just as the blossoms were setting to form fruit. There were many reasons that were generally out of our control but that had similar outcomes – not much fruit.

Thankfully when it comes to living a fruit filled life, we can do something about it.

Year 2 Chapel Services this term have shared with us about the fruit of the Spirit in their lives; that the overflow of God’s Spirit alive in each of us shows us something of what God is like. That as we get to know God, His Spirit not only lives in us, but overflows to impact our school, community and world as we live our lives in positive and life-giving ways.

Year 2s said…

  • “I show patience by waiting my turn.”
  • “I show love by being kind and caring.”
  • “I show peace by giving someone their own space and being quiet.”

Leaver and Trist Houses also held their House Chapel where we celebrated some of the activities and achievements and the fruits of what has happened in their Houses this year.

A big thank you to all staff and students who have contributed to all our Chapel Services this term – thank you for helping to make them possible.

May you and your family have a fruit filled school holiday break as you refresh and refill ready for Term 3.


Reverend Cindy Waters

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”  Galatians 5:22-23a