Australian Music Examination Board Results

This week, clarinet student Isabella S received a Pass with Honours from the Australian Music Examinations Board for her recent Grade 1 Clarinet Exam.

This is an amazing result, not just for the remarkable amount of work Isabella put in, but also as this exam was postponed for COVID-related reasons.

Isabella played three pieces to a high standard, demonstrated technical competency through the performance of scales and answered various questions about her music.

Well done, Bella!

VCE Music Concert

On Tuesday, 7th June, we hosted an intimate soiree featuring our VCE Music performers in Years 11 and 12.

It was a fabulous night with standout performances by all our soloists. The show opened with the Year 11 ensemble performing Enemy by Imagine Dragons and closed with the Year 12 ensemble playing their own rendition of Wake Me Up by Avicii.

A big thanks to Simon Hall who ran audio and lights for the performance and stepped in on the day to play drums.

Our VCE Music students will be performing again in September and we look forward to seeing you there!


Winter Concert

Wow, what a night! It was fabulous to be back on stage after such a long absence due to lockdowns and restrictions.

The night was a fabulous showcase of the work that has been going on behind the scenes in the Performing Arts department. The Junior and Senior Schools have worked hard through Terms 1 and 2.

Performers from Year 2 all the way through to Year 12, and our fabulous staff, shared the stage and presented some wonderful performances, ably supported by Simon Hall and his crew of student technicians.

A big thank you to all staff that were involved in the performance — our ensemble directors and conductors, our instrumental teaching staff, our stage team and our front of house and student support team.

A very special thank you to Simon Hall for his technical wizardry on the night and for presenting the streamed performance. Thank you also to Antoinette Seal for all her work behind the scenes as event producer.

We look forward to presenting more concerts later in the year. Watch this space!

Stuart Collidge

Head of Performing Arts

From the Students

‘The Winter Concert was amazing! I had so much fun performing in front of a crowd. My experience was great. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends and playing my violin.

I also had a lot of fun singing my heart out to ‘Shine like stars’. The dance was great. We wore shiny vests and black clothes. Shortly after that I was in my normal uniform playing the violin. I played ‘Bow down’, ‘Let's plaaaay’ ,’G’dae mate’, ‘Breathing at the seaside and ‘Open string tango’. My favourite would have to be the Tango as it was a short and snappy song.

I even got a chance to play the drums and a keyboard backstage. Overall, the night was the best night I could ever have. It was like Cinderella, but with no glass slipper or Prince Charming. I made lots of memories that will last a lifetime!’ (Jayda S Reid, 4N)

‘I loved performing in the Winter Concert and practicing with all of my friends in Show Choir. I loved having a lesson every Monday afternoon with all of the teachers in the Instrumental Ensemble Program, too. It was so fun backstage hanging out with everyone and getting all of our nerves out before we went on. It was really cool watching everyone do their part. I loved performing on the stage and playing the cello on the stage as well. Everyone was so kind backstage waiting for their turn. The teachers were especially kind to me, making me feel happy and less nervous and excited to go on. It was my first Winter Concert ever and I really enjoyed it. Everyone did such an amazing job with their performances and I had a lot of fun meeting new people.’ (Ivy T, 5K)

‘The day of the Winter Concert was very exciting! When it was time to start, we went to the side wings of the stage and waited until we watched the other kids go onto the stage. I felt a big rush of nervous energy rush through my body. I talked in front of all those people with a confident voice as I spotted my family in the crowd. Then I went back to the side of the stage and waited until I had to talk again.

I stood on the side of that stage watching each performance wowed by each one. I went up on stage a few more times, each time getting easier and easier, then once I had finished saying something I had to quickly run to the music room, take off my winter uniform and get into my show choir outfit. I put on my gold jacket and went to the wings to line up to go on stage.

As we slowly walked onto the stage I went into my spot and looked up to the audience with a big smile! Then the music started to play and we all started to sing. We all sounded amazing! Then we finished and everyone clapped and we slowly walked off stage. To conclude this concert, I watched the cute purple people eaters sing their cute song and then Blake had to say good night.

It was finished! I went out to the crowd and spotted my Mum and Dad. As we drove home, they kept telling me how amazing I did and I was very proud of myself! I had such a great night and felt super lucky to be the Performing Arts Captain! (Emma V, 6M)

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, 22nd June: Years 9 and 10 Music Performance Evening