Over the past few weeks, as part of our Unit of Inquiry, Year 5 students have been researching the structural, behavioural and physiological adaptations that help animals survive and thrive in their environments.

We have been amazed by the unique ways animals can protect themselves. For example, we were surprised to learn that the red-eyed tree frog spends most of its day camouflaged on the underside of a leaf but it will open its eyes to scare away predators.

Students have been researching their chosen animal and are working very hard on writing their own non-fiction book that they will publish and present to the class at the end of term.

We were also lucky to have an incursion from Wildlife Xposures and we could see, touch and hold many Australian native animals. We learned how these animals have adapted to their habitats, how they find or hunt food, how and when they sleep, and what they do to evade predators.

We discussed how humans have negatively impacted the survival of many native species, such as the Squirrel Glider, through loss of habitat and the introduction of non-native species.

We also learned how many people are working to protect these animals and that keeping our pet cat inside to prevent it hunting them is one of the ways we can help.

It was a fantastic experience and a joy to see the students appreciate the wonderful animals we have in Australia.

Vanessa Khvorostin
Year 5 Teacher


Poetry Competition

Congratulations to all students who entered the Independent Schools Victory (ISV) Poetry Competition. There were 56 entries, with some students submitting multiple poems!

All students worked very hard, with many giving up their lunchtimes to write poems. The results will be announced by ISV next term.

Due to the popularity of the ISV competition, we decided to run our own Casey Grammar competition, too. After careful consideration, the following students have been chosen as winners for their year levels.

Congratulations to:

Mehnoor M (Year 3) Mother’s Day Poem

Allegra V (Year 4) Imaginary Friends

Gurleen C (Year 5) Belonging

Mehar D (Year 6) Belong

Sarah Nolan

Head of Booth House - Junior School
Leading Teacher – Teaching & Learning 3 – 6


Regional Cross Country

Five talented Junior School students made their way to Hastings Foreshore on Wednesday, 15 June to compete in the Regional Cross Country event. This followed their brilliant performances at the Divisional event two weeks earlier.

Progression to Regional events is an exceptional achievement and the level of ability was a dramatic step up. With close to 100 students in each race, there was plenty of competition from a range of schools.

Congratulations to the students who represented Casey Grammar so well in tough conditions. They are:

  • Alarice M – 12/13 Girls: 33rd Place
  • Kobi M – 11 Boys: 39th Place
  • Jacob D - 11 Boys: 44th Place
  • Zara M - 9/10 Girls: 45th Place
  • Akam S - 11 Boys: 56th Place.

Jeff Batey

Junior School P.E and Sport

Booth House Fundraiser

The Booth fundraiser will begin this week!

Recently, after a dramatic decline in numbers, Australia has listed the koalas as an endangered species across most of the east coast. So students are encouraged to buy something to support the Australian Koala Foundation.

A merchandise stall will be run by the Year 6 Booth students and is open every recess and lunchtime in the last week of this term. Items cost from $2 to $10.

We also have a raffle with prizes including a ‘Family Pass’ to the Moonlit Sanctuary and an ‘Up Close & Personal with a Koala’ experience worth $95.00.

It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm from the students. Many Booth students have created ‘Save the Koala’ posters that have been displayed around the school. Thank you to all the students who have supported the Booth fundraiser — your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Miss Sarah Nolan

Head of Booth House