How to use the upcoming holiday break to enhance your employability

When recruiting for staff, employers are seeking evidence of the skills you have in relation to the requirements of the job. Employers don’t expect young people to have lots of work experience. They do however expect prospective employees to have made an effort to develop their skills.

So…. What skills are employers looking for and how does a 15-year-old student develop these skills?

Employers are looking for general skills that are transferable across any role that you undertake. These skills can be defined in different ways, but generally, they can be broken down into these nine categories:

- Communication

- Critical Thinking

- Project Management

- Financial Literacy

- Technology

- Global Enthusiasm/Citizenship

- Confidence & Agency

- Creativity and innovation

- Enthusiasm for ongoing learning

With the holidays fast approaching, it provides a good opportunity for students to reflect on these employability skills and to identify opportunities for personal development. Take advantage of the longer break to improve your skills or develop a new skill.

Remember: there are many ways to develop your skills (aside from paid employment). 

Some examples include:

- Volunteer (this can include volunteering at your local Sporting Club, Church)

- Write a blog (about an area of interest)

- Offer to assemble Christmas gifts for family members.

- Offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn, wash their car or walk their Dog

- Read

- Start cooking a weekly meal for your family

- Start a new sport or commit to developing a particular aspect of your game (i.e. Cricket = focus on fielding)

- Establish an exercise routine and commit to it (Remember: it takes 21 days to form a new habit)

- Create a study schedule for 2022

- Learn a new language (there are plenty of online platforms to support this)

- Enrol in a short course (i.e. Responsible Service of Alcohol, Food Preparation).

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people do not recognise them!

Job Opportunities

  • Splash’s Learn to Swim (multiple locations) are currently seeking staff (16 years +, no experience necessary, full training provided).
  • Kelly’s Pub (Cranbourne) is currently seeking staff (18 years + - in the next 3 months, various roles).
  • Westernport Childcare Centre & Kindergarten (Cranbourne) is currently seeking staff for after school role/s.

For further information, please contact me via SEQTA.

Experience Art, Design and Architecture at Monash University 

Monash University is offering prospective students the opportunity to attend a hands-on experiential event at Monash Art, Design and Architecture (Caulfield Campus). 

More specifically, the ‘How to build and document your fine art folio’ would provide student the opportunity to prepare your folio to meet entrance requirements for University.

Register now to reserve your place, as spaces are limited

Open Days 2022

For Open Day dates, please visit the Casey Grammar Careers Page – Calendar of Events. Alternatively, you can access Open Day information via the VTAC website.

Federation University Early Offer Program

Federation University is offering an Early Offer Program for 2023 courses. This program allows students to submit a simple application, verifying your eligibility for acceptance (i.e. the completion of relevant pre-requisite studies).

To apply, visit this link.

Swinburne Early Entry Program – open

Swinburne University of Technology offers an Early Entry Program for 2023 courses. The Swinburne Early Entry Program allows current Year 12 students to apply early and receive a conditional (no ATAR) offer to study a Swinburne course.

To apply, visit this link.

Latrobe Aspire Program (Early Entry Program) - open

Latrobe University (Aspire) offers an Early Admissions Program that rewards students for their involvement in leadership or volunteer work in their school and/or community. Successful applicants receive an early conditional offer to La Trobe, so you could know early on if there is a spot for you in your dream course.

To apply, visit this link.

NOTE: Any students applying for an early admissions program are encouraged to speak with Ms. Blythman before submitting their application/s.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My workdays are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and I am best contacted on the below email.

Sarah Blythman

Head of Careers and Student Pathways