Introducing Buddy

I am excited to announce that we are about to launch the Dogs Connect program at Casey Grammar. This is a whole school wellbeing program which will see the introduction of a wellbeing dog in our community. Our dog is called Buddy. He is currently living with Ms Rebecca Birch who has been training him in preparation for his important new job. I am sure he will become a much loved and important member of our school community.

Dogs Connect will support us in implementing the program very gradually, thoroughly and considerately. At this stage, we encourage anyone who would like to know more about the program to look through the website at

We have a team of staff who are leading the program and we are very excited to be introducing Buddy to everyone next year. I look forward to sending more information about the program to you in the coming days.

I would also like to assure everyone that this program will not involve anyone who does not wish to be involved. We know that this work will have a really positive impact on many people in our community, and we acknowledge and respect that connection with Buddy will vary from person to person.

Please see Buddy’s introductory notes below.

Buddy Profile

Fiona Williams