From the Head of Senior School

The Little Mermaid

I was thrilled to be among so many friends, families and staff who came along to see the School Production of The Little Mermaid. It was a truly memorable experience for everyone involved, and we couldn’t be prouder of our students’ dedication and hard work. The success of the School Production would not have been possible without the extraordinary efforts of our cast and crew. The Production exemplified the benefits of collaboration and teamwork. Students from all year levels worked closely together, supporting and inspiring one another throughout the entire process. This provided a platform for students to develop their artistic skills, boost their confidence, discover new talents, and make new friendships with memories to last a lifetime.

Congratulations to all who were involved and thank you to those who came along to see the show.

Mid-year Exams

The last three weeks of Term 2 will be very busy for students and teachers as we finalise assessments and prepare for the start of Semester 2 which begins on Monday 19 June. Exam timetables have been distributed to students in Years 7 to 11 via Seqta.

The chance to sit formal examinations throughout secondary school is valuable, not only as a form of summative assessment, but also as an opportunity to revise content, prepare students for the reality of the VCE, receive feedback from teachers, and reflect upon examination techniques across a range of subjects. As such, attendance at all exams is compulsory. Medical certificates should be supplied following an absence due to illness.

School Hours

In Senior School, we begin each day with a ten-minute Homeroom in Wellbeing groups. This session begins at 8:45 am and allows our students to have a check in with their mentor, to view important notices on the Casey Daily, and to get off to a positive start to the school day.

Unfortunately, I have noticed an increase in students arriving late in the morning and choosing to miss Homeroom. We expect the support of parents to ensure that their child is arriving by 8:30 am so that they can access their locker and prepare for the school day before the bell rings.

Students who feel unwell during the school day are reminded not to use their phone to contact home. We have a full-time registered nurse on site who is able to care for students and contact home to make arrangements for a child to be picked up, where necessary.

For other early departures, please ensure that a note is sent to school with your child so that they can request an Early Leaver Pass, allowing them to sign out at the office when they are collected by a parent.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kate Morgan

Head of Senior School

Visual Communication Real World Experience

Over the last term, the Unit 1 VCD class has had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with a real client to design a logo for their upcoming business. This meant that we were able to get first-hand industry experience, a dream for any aspiring designer. However, as exciting as this opportunity was it also presented its own unique challenges.

One of the most significant challenges we faced was balancing our creative vision with the client’s expectations. Taking on this task meant we had to design a logo within the vision of the client, necessitating us to listen to feedback so we could deliver the perfect logo. This feedback often led to modifications and adjustments, demanding flexibility and adaptability from everyone involved. Staying organized and efficient become paramount for us to meet the project deadline while still producing high-quality work. Working to a timeline proved both exhilarating and demanding, refining our design skills and fostering efficiency.

Overall, this experience provided us with a glimpse into the fascinating design industry, greatly enhancing our skills as designers. We would like to thank everyone involved for such a unique opportunity, especially Mr Kearney for his feedback, support, and skills to bring our visions to life, no matter how difficult. 


Bailey R Year 11