Introducing our Wellbeing Support Mentors

As part of our ongoing commitment to student wellbeing, we have recently introduced two new roles into the Senior School structure.   

While there are myriad options for our students to seek the support they need, one of our keys drivers is to ensure that every student has the chance to ‘find their grown-up’.

It’s important that every student feels connected to the School, and much of that happens through human connection with an adult staff member. While every student is allocated a Wellbeing Mentor, they also have access to other staff including: 

  • a Head of House or Head of  Year  
  • the Head of School or Head of Wellbeing 
  • the Inclusion & Enrichment Team  
  • the Psychologist, Mr Clarke 
  • their subject teachers. 

Students can also approach a teacher who taught them last year, or one who coaches them in a sport/drama/debating team. Even with all that, however, they may still struggle to ‘find their adult’.    

As such, it was deemed important to add just a little more support, so we’ve created the role of Wellbeing Support Mentor for Ms Jess Delgos and Ms Laura Moya. Both retain their roles as Wellbeing Mentors to their own House group but will also ‘open their door’ to the wider student community.

Neither are counsellors, but both are good listeners. If any student needs help, they are welcome to seek out Ms Moya or Ms Delgos, who will help as much as they can. 

Below is a brief personal profile of both Ms Moya and Ms Delgos. 

I look forward to the contribution the new Wellbeing Support Mentors will make to our Wellbeing Team here at CGS.       

Peter Shepard    

Head of Wellbeing

Laura Moya


“I am Mrs Moya and this is my fifth year working at Casey Grammar School. During this time, I have worked across Junior and Senior schools and taught my many passions such as Health and PE, Psychology, Mathematics and Religion.      

“As well as teaching, I am also a FIFA Assistant Referee. With my busy lifestyle, I have learnt to place importance on wellbeing and mental health. I appreciate how practices such as mindfulness, prayer and reflection can help me when I am stressed and how talking with others and networking can help me overcome my stressors. By taking care of myself in these areas, I know I am better equipped to face my day whether that be in the classroom or on a soccer field.    

“For this reason, I am particularly passionate about student wellbeing at Casey Grammar School. I want to support students in their passions and help them find peace and balance in their busy lives. Today I am introducing myself a Wellbeing Support Mentor and would like for students in our community to know I am available to support them. I am not counsellor, but I hope you would know my door is open to offer guidance or just to listen in times of need.”  


Jess Delgos 


“I am Jess Delgos and I am a Geography and Outdoor Environmental Studies teacher here at Casey Grammar school. I chose to become a secondary teacher for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I have a love for outdoor environments that I wish to share with young people and secondly, I relish supporting and witnessing the social growth of young people as they work to achieve academic and sporting/recreational/personal pursuits.  

“I am a goal driven individual who is motivated by challenge in both my professional and personal life. Something my students do not know about me is that prior to teaching at Casey Grammar I began a walk across Australia and made it half-way. This goal along with others has taught me that success comes from drive and application as well as how to cope with setbacks and learn from failure.   

“As a Wellbeing Support Mentor, I hope to inspire students to set their own goals, tackle their own challenges and support them on their journey to self-actualisation. I welcome students to pop into my office at any time you would like a friendly face to talk to."