Careers and Pathways Week

In the last week of Term 1 2021, our Year 10 students had the opportunity to participate in Careers and Pathways Week. The purpose of this week was for students to conduct research into future career pathways by visiting tertiary providers and to develop their enterprise skills in preparation for 2022 and beyond. The program complemented the work students were doing in the Year 10 Work Skills subject.

It was a fun week; filled with lots of on-campus and off campus activities. These activities included campus tour/s to Monash University and Federation University (Gippsland), a Guest Speaker from Chisholm Institute and a 1-day professional development program where students had the opportunity to work on their personal ‘pitch’ and consider the importance of their ‘personal brand’. This session was particularly useful and we reinforced the importance of representing themselves (and their School) in a positive manner when visiting prospective tertiary providers.

The week concluded on Thursday 1 April with students participating in a Mock Interview (for a ‘pretend’ role at McDonalds in Cranbourne). It was wonderful to see our students in their interview attire; I received such positive feedback from the broader School community. Despite the nerves, the feedback I received from the interviewers was very positive. They were impressed with the quality of responses to the questions asked and said it was obvious how well prepared students were for the interview.

The Year 10 students were a credit to themselves and I was very proud.

Ms. Sarah Blythman

Head of Careers and Student Pathways


Student Feedback

Careers and Pathways Week 2021

"During Careers and Pathways Week, we spent 4-days learning about the skills/qualifications needed to make a successful transition to a career in the future.

On the first day, we had an information session and learnt about the skills and requirements that are required to get a job. We learnt about how to present yourself at a job interview and even put on a play that we presented to the whole year level!

On the second day, we headed to Monash University in Clayton. This provided a great opportunity to see the facilities and atmosphere that the University had to offer. They had buildings for specific subjects and even had an area where they sold food for the University students. I had an Enchilada for lunch, which was great!

On the third day, we took a long bus ride to Federation University and learnt about the various courses that the University had to offer. We also learnt about how our brain works and what we can do to study better (to suit our individual learning style). The facilities were quite different to Monash University but it was good to experience a different environment.

Then on the last day, I had a Mock Interview. This is where all my nerves started coming in. My interview was at 10:20 am, which luckily for me, was not too late or too early! As I approached the door, I began feeling quite nervous for some reason but as soon as I met the interviewer, I instantly calmed down and answered all the questions. The hardest question I had to answer was ‘What was my greatest weakness?’. I would say that

Overall, it was a great experience and it will definitely help me in the future if I want to pursue a career that requires you to go to University. It will also help me to be more professional at a job interview; to guarantee that I get the job!" 

Kenneth Thong, Year 10