Meet Fern Schreuder

Name: Fern Schreuder

Position: Head of Trist House

Qualifications: Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

When did you join Casey Grammar?

I started at Casey Grammar School in 2009. I actually started as the only PE teacher in the Junior School, teaching Foundation to Year 6 Physical Education. I moved into the Secondary School in 2019 when I came back from maternity leave and it’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to teach some of our students for a second time! I taught the current Year 12 students when they were in Preps (Foundation) which is pretty special.

What do you love most about your job and why?

I love being able to help students to better themselves and become successful in whatever they decide to do. As a teacher, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student be courageous, step out of their comfort zone and achieve something that they perhaps thought they might not be able to do.

Which avenues do you use to ensure your skills and knowledge are current?

I love to learn and even as a teacher, I am interested and curious about new things. I read a lot and I seek out conversations with people that know more than me — I ask LOTS of questions.

Tell us about your most memorable Casey Grammar experience?

Casey Grammar School has been a second home to me over the years, so much so that I met my husband here! He is a PE teacher as well and worked at Casey Grammar School for 16 years.

What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

A fun fact about me is that I have written and published two books. I wrote them during lockdown and they were my practice in gratitude. I occasionally speak at other schools as a visiting author about the writing process, the practice of gratitude and being kind.

In one sentence, tell us what your included photo is about:

This photo is the cover design for my books; they are special to me as they are about my children, the practice of gratitude and making people laugh.