A Big Thank You to our Community

I would like to start by thanking students and parents for their understanding and cooperation around staff absences this term. We have had quite a few teachers in our Junior and Senior Schools in isolation due to being COVID-positive or being close household contacts.

Fortunately, we have a pool of exceptional replacement teachers and learning has continued uninterrupted despite teacher absences. I commend Ms Tegan West and Mrs Melissa Roberton for their exceptional management in the covering of classes each day.

COVID Update

For an explanation of current COVID-19 guidelines, please see the COVID video update sent home on Thursday, 10 March. The main changes in the guidelines this week are:

  • There is no longer a requirement to provide a negative RAT when returning to school from seven-day isolation. This applies to those with COVID and to household contacts of people with COVID.
  • Household contacts are not subject to rolling isolation periods. The period of isolation begins with the first positive case in the household. If there are subsequent positive cases in the household, the isolation end date for close contacts does not change. Household contacts can return to school seven days after the first positive household contact.
  • Masks are now highly recommended for Senior School students and F–Year 2 students. Masks are mandatory for Years 3 to 6 students and their teachers when indoors. Due to this mask mandate, any Years 3 to 6 students playing musical instruments that require them to remove their mask must play outside. If weather conditions don’t permit this, the lesson or practice session will be cancelled.

COVID Reminders

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask on public transport.
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask on school buses.
  • Children must not attend school if they are unwell or during the seven-day isolation period.

Being Considerate in Our Car Parks

Our cars seem to be flowing more effectively, although we need to continue to be vigilant to ensure pedestrian safety. It is sometimes very difficult to see small children and children also find it difficult to predict the way cars might move.

This is why it is important that we all stick to a predictable traffic flow. While all car parks are flowing smoothly, I have observed some cars not following the traffic flow map in the Salvation Army car park. Please see the attached map. In this car park, please ensure that you:

  • Travel in a loop around the car park (see map). This ensures everyone moves in the same direction and provides consistency and predictability for young pedestrians trying to cross the car park
  • Park nose out in the parking bays adjacent to the Salvation Army building. This ensures no cars back out into pedestrians who cannot see you properly, and whom you cannot see properly. Backing out of these parking spots is extremely dangerous.

Please click here to view the Salvation Army car park map. 

Parents, Respect and Compassion

I would like to publicly thank the parents who took the initiative of strengthening the fence around the garden in the Salvation Army carpark. The fence is now effectively doing its job of protecting the plants. Your actions have demonstrated respect and compassion for our neighbours and I have received a message of gratitude from the Salvation Army staff. Good deeds are always noticed and appreciated. Thank you.

Junior School Swimming Success

Congratulations to the Junior School swim team for their success at their recent swimming carnival. Two students won their Individual Butterfly events and the Girls Medley Relay Team also came home with blue ribbons. Congratulations to Isabella in Year 5 and Alice, Nereesa and Emma in Year 6 who are now preparing to compete in the Regional finals.

Senior School House Swimming Carnival

We were lucky to have perfect conditions for our Senior School House Swimming Carnival. There was plenty of friendly competition and we witnessed some fantastic swimming. We all enjoyed listening to the new House chants and I was impressed by the support and encouragement each House gave to their competitors.

Congratulations to Reid House for their decisive win on the day. Thank you to Ms Rebecca Carrie, our Senior School Sport Coordinator, for her marvellous organisation and to the many teachers who attended to help make the day run so smoothly.

Thank you

Stay safe, stay well.

Fiona Williams