Congratulations Nokutenda Kwenda

Congratulations to Nokutenda Kwenda (Year 10, Reid), who was accepted into the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program at the University of Melbourne.

This program supports high achieving secondary school students and aims to give students a ‘head start’ on their future studies and career. The University of Melbourne received 1,500 applications, highlighting the competitive nature of the program.

Nokutenda is a very worthy recipient and I commend her for her focus on achieving excellent academic results and in being an engaged member of our school society.

Well done, Noku!

School to Work Pathways

There are many different ways to become a Primary School Teacher. The below infographic (also available for download here) highlights the ‘traditional’ route that a person might follow and two alternate pathways.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), there were 168,900 Primary School Teachers across Australia in 2020. The number of teachers is expected to grow steadily over the next five years and is likely to reach 179,800 by 2025.

Please note that these infographics should be used as a guide only. If you or your child have any specific questions regarding career and course pathway options, I would encourage you to make some time to meet with me.

Important Dates for Your Diary

Below you’ll find some important dates for results, change of preference and offers for 2021 Year 12 students.


VCE results and ATAR

Thursday, 16 December (7am)

Change of Preference

Change of preference will be open during these periods

2 August

20 December (4pm)

14 January 2022 (4pm)

20 January 2022 (4pm)

1 February 2022 (4pm)

2 February 2022 (4pm)

8 February 2022 (4pm)

9 February 2022 (4pm)

14 February 2022 (4pm)

15 February 2022 (4pm)


Offers are emailed to applicants on the day of release and are available in the VTAC account from 2pm the same day.

Supplementary offers commence from February round 1 for applicants who have given permission.

January offer round

14 January 2022 (VTAC account 2pm)

February offer round 1 domestic

1 February 2022 (VTAC account 2pm)

February offer round 2 domestic

8 February 2022 (VTAC account 2pm)

February offer round 3 domestic

14 February 2022 (VTAC account 2pm)

February offer round 4 domestic

18 February 2022 (VTAC account 2pm)

Career Support during December and January

Support is available for 2021 Year 12 students who need advice about their results, change of preference and offers.

Click here to book a time to meet with Ms. Blythman.

Ms. Sarah Blythman

Head of Careers and Student Pathways