From the Head of Junior School

Our P-2 teachers are filled with excitement as they ready their classrooms for their students’ return to onsite learning at CGS next Tuesday, 26 May. Things will look a little bit different, but it will be great to be back and see the joy on our youngest students’ faces when they see each other and their teacher for the first time in two months.

It is of the utmost importance that P-2 parents follow the guidelines that our Head of Early Years, Mrs Bouman, sent home in a letter via your child’s teacher.

Clearly, the changes that are required to be made before we return to school are to keep our students and staff safe.

The most important changes are as follows:-

  • Unfortunately, but understandably, due to our current circumstances, parents will not be permitted on school grounds until further notice.
  • Parents will need to follow the new process when dropping off and picking up your children despite the fact that this may take additional time. Please be patient and extremely careful in the car park.
  • Please temperature check your child before school and keep them at home if they are ill.
  • Please trust that we will be taking every precaution to keep your children healthy while at school including regular hand washing, frequent use of sanitiser and extra cleaning of toilets, tables and high touch areas throughout the school day.
  • Please pack only the following items in your child’s school bag: lunch, snack, drink bottle, reader pouch and rain jacket. Please do not send any other items to school with your child. All correspondence with your child’s teacher will now take place through Seesaw and email.

I’d like to congratulate our entire CGS community for everything that has been done in the past six weeks to ensure the success of our Remote Learning Program (which will continue in the Junior School for two more weeks for our Year 3-6 students). I am extremely grateful to our wonderful students for embracing the challenge of a whole new way of learning, to our supportive parents for being at their child’s side every step of the way despite everything else that was happening in their busy households and finally, to our incredible staff who have all stepped up to a level no one could have even imagined was possible just ten short weeks ago.

I consider myself blessed and so very proud to be part of our fabulous CGS community. Together, we can accomplish so much.

With sincere thanks.

Mrs Melissa Roberton

Head of Junior School

Kids, COVID and Coping - Parent Forum

School Psychologist, Mr Alan Clarke, will be presenting to Junior School parents on Wednesday, 27 May at 7:30pm. 

Alan will be speaking about helping parents and children cope with social isolation and returning to school.

This is also an opportunity for parents to hear what others are experiencing with their children and to ask questions about their child’s wellbeing in these times.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions online and via the chat stream.

What: Parent Forum- Kids, COVID and Coping

When: Wednesday, 27 May, 7:30pm until approx. 8:00pm

Who: All Junior School parents

How: Log onto your child’s cgstudent email. Go to Google Meet and Join with the code: parentforum.

Presenter: Alan is a Paediatric Psychologist with a specialisation in Developmental and Educational Psychology. He has been working at Casey Grammar for 14 years. Alan works with students, teachers and parents across all year levels, providing educational and psychological assessment, individual and family therapy.

Year 1 and 2 Remote PE and Religion Classes

During Remote Learning, all of the Year 1 and 2 PE and Religion lessons have been pre-recorded videos that the children have accessed through Seesaw. While I have not had contact with the children, it has been lovely to receive many photos and videos of the children and their completed activities.

In PE, the children have been learning the Fundamental Movement Skills of the Overhand Throw and the Catch. These skills are used in many games, so it’s important to have the correct technique. I hope the children have enjoyed the activities and the special appearances of my dog Lenny as he helps me in my backyard.

In Religion, the children have been learning about Moses and some of the events in his life. They are also starting to learn about some of the stories Jesus told people, these stories are called parables, and they have a special message that tries to teach us something.

Ms Belinda Roffey

Junior School Teacher


SolarBuddy Gift of Light

In 2019 the Year 6 students were involved in the SolarBuddy program that involved each child making a solar powered light. These lights were sent overseas to children living in energy poverty and without reliable access to electricity to provide light. I am pleased to announce that our lights have been delivered to Moto Koibatu in Papua New Guinea. Children at Hagara Primary School, Baruni Primary School and Baruni-Life Care Mobile School will benefit from the lights made by CGS students.

Ms Belinda Roffey

Junior School Teacher