Happy National Careers Week!

National Careers (May 18 – May 22) 

Happy National Careers Week! 

National Careers Week is an initiative of the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) and aims to celebrate career education and to promote the economic, social and personal benefits of career development.

The week aims to develop community awareness of the concept, benefit and value of career development whilst providing opportunities for students and parents/guardians to enhance their understanding of the changing nature of work. It similarly allows industry to showcase career opportunities via Webinars and Information Sessions. 

In acknowledging this week, our students (Year 10 – Year 12) were encouraged to participate in the free Year13 digital career expo. This online event provided students with an opportunity to engage directly with education and employment providers - from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

With organisations adapting their delivery style to meet the changing needs of Victorian students, our students are encouraged to take advantage of these exciting activities and events to support their own career development. 

CICA Webinar Series (on demand) 

As part of National Careers Week, CICA developed a series of Webinars and Industry Information Sessions. These will be released online at the conclusion of the week (i.e. May 22). 

To access these resources, please visit: www.careersweek.com.au/events

Chisholm Institute – online videos 

Chisholm Institute has developed a series of online resources to support Victorian students. 

These videos provide information recourse options, employment outcomes and aim to de-bunk some of the common misconceptions that exist around the VET sector.

Projections from the Department of Education show that most jobs in the next five years (2019 - 2023) will require a post-secondary qualification (TAFE/VET or University). Interestingly, the Department also predicted that of the top ten fastest growing occupations, seven will require a TAFE or VET qualification, rather than a degree. 

To view these videos, please click below: 

Chisholm Chase Your Calling in trades 

This is Chisholm. 

This is TAFE Chisholm students 

Chisholm - 7 stories in 4 minutes 

Early Admissions Programs (Latrobe and Australian Catholic University) -Year 12 students 

Latrobe University 

Latrobe University (Aspire) offers an Early Admissions Program that rewards students for their involvement in leadership or volunteer work in their school and/or community. Successful applicants receive an early conditional offer to La Trobe, so you could know early on if there is a spot for you in your dream course. 

How to apply for Aspire: Visit www.latrobe.edu.au/aspire 

Applications open: 1 May 2020 

Australian Catholic University (ACU) 

The Community Achiever Program (CAP) was previously named the Early Achievers’ Program (EAP). The program offers future students who are active in their community early entry to their undergraduate course of choice. It also provides opportunities to enhance leadership and volunteering skills. 

How to apply for Aspire: Visit https://www.acu.edu.au/study-at-acu/admission-pathways/i-volunteer-regularly 

Applications open: 1 May 2020 

Support for the broader CGS community (parents & guardians) 

I am committed to sharing useful resources that may support any members of the Casey Grammar School community who have lost their job or are facing job uncertainty. A terrific local resource is the Casey Cardinia Jobs Portal. Developed by the City of Casey and Cardinia Shire Council; this portal provides region specific labour market information and similarly, advertises locally based job opportunities. There are currently 483 jobs vacancies advertised (updated daily). The portal also includes a Community Noticeboard, which provides tips for navigating an increasingly difficult labour market. Most recently, they have included some resume writing support and similarly, information regarding short courses to assist with ‘brushing up’ on skills. There is a ‘Reply to Lydia’ function, which encourages job seekers to ask career related questions from Lydia Ropiha, the Education, Training & Employment Coordinator (City of Casey). I would encourage anyone who has lost their job or facing job uncertainty to actively engage with this resource.

Mrs Sarah Blythman

Head of Careers and Student Pathways

Email: s.blythman@caseygrammar.vic.edu.au