SIS Theatre Sports

We have some exciting news from the SIS THEATRESPORTS CHAMPIONSHIPS held at St Francis Xavier in Officer today. This was an improvisational performance (improv) competition where students had to create entertaining performances on the spot that also demonstrated good storytelling, teamwork, creativity and entertainment value while following improv guidelines. For each short scene they were judged and awarded points.

Our Junior team consisting of Darrell, Sophie, Ashley, Taylor and Sienna made it to the semifinals (which is the top four) against 12 other school teams and finished in a very close battle, just missing out on advancing to the grand final. They came fourth out of 12 overall.

Our Senior Team (Rhylee, Ebony, Kiarah, Matilda and Nicholas) made it through the semifinals into the grand final and finished in FIRST PLACE!

On top of this, Ebony won the BEST CHARACTER award and Rhylee won the MOST SUPPORTIVE PLAYER award.

This was the first time we have entered this particular SIS event so we were very happy with the results!

All of the students were a massive support to each other and were great team players.

Ben Peake

Head of Year 7

Senior Classroom Concert

Congratulations to our fabulous performers in Years 9 and 10 music classes, VCE Music Unit 1, and VCE Music Unit 3 for their fabulous work at the recent Performance Evening. It was an eclectic mix of performances with songs from Nat King Cole, Arctic Monkeys, Laufey, Lincoln Park and many more. For some of our performers it was the first time in front of an audience, and it was fabulous to see the more experienced performers supporting the younger and cheering them on from the wings. It was also fantastic for the less experienced performers to see our more experienced VCE performers on stage.

Thank you to our supportive audience for cheering loudly and encouraging our performers.

Winter Concert

The Performing Arts faculty hosted our annual Winter Concert on the evening of Tuesday 18 June in the PAC to an almost full house. The concert featured performers from across our ensemble programs with students from Year 2 through to Year 12 performing. The evening opened with performances in the foyer from our Junior Guitar ensemble, led by Mr Moran, and Mr Limpah’s Keyboard Ensemble performers playing a program of pop and contemporary songs.

There was a lovely vibe in the foyer as patrons were able to enjoy the musical performances and snacks made available by the PFC. Moving into the auditorium, our show was very ably compered by Jayda S (Year 6) and Meth J (Year 6) and Allysha W (Year 11). The program opened with a performance from the Year 3 Choir led by Mrs Kyne performing the ‘Elbow Sneeze’, followed by the Junior Rock Band led by Mr Moran performing ‘Riptide’ and ‘Seven Nation Army’. Our Jazz Band, let by Mr Dema, followed on performing two songs: ‘Charlie Jams Again’ and ‘Lunch At The Spot’. The Junior Strings, under the direction of Ms Sun performed ‘Beetle’s Boots’ and ‘Tinga Layo’. Mr Wallace’s Junior Percussion ensemble then performed an excellent rendition of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Dance Of The Swan’.

The Years 5/6 Ensemble next took the stage, supported by Mr Dema, Ms De Prada and Mr Wallace, and led by Mrs Kyne in a performance of ‘Let’s Rock’. The Sayers String Ensemble, led by Ms Sun, performed two pieces: ‘Minuet and Trio’ by Haydn, and a beautiful rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Our Junior Concert Band, conducted by Ms De Prada, had a great time playing ‘Bunyip Blues’ by Australian composer Brian West, and were ably followed by one of the highlights of the show, our Senior Percussion Ensemble, led by Mr Wallace, performing ‘Gunga Galunga’. The Junior Show Choir, led by Tilarni Senn, performed the Disney hit, ‘Turn Up The Music’. Next to take the stage was the Buttigeig Concert Band performing two pieces: ‘Ancient Flower’ conducted by Mr Evans, and ‘How to Train your Dragon’ conducted by Mr Collidge. As a grand finale to the show, our Year 3 students returned to the stage as a string ensemble conducted by Ms Sun.

“I loved seeing all the different musical items. I felt really nervous before I went on to perform in the 5/6 Ensemble, but we didn’t mess up and we got lots of claps at the end from the audience.” Ashley C, 5B, Leaver

“The Winter concert was amazing! I did Show choir. When it was time to perform a shiver went down my spine. I was half excited and half nervous. If I had a time machine I would do it all over again.” Chenara G, 4H, Leaver

“The Year 3 strings was about to start. When it started everyone went down, up, down on repeat. After a few songs, it was ‘Jungle Walk’ — I really liked the beat. The bounce part was awesome!” Aboorvan K, 3H, Leaver

A fabulous night was had by all and we would like to thank our amazing performers for their hard work and preparation, and our wonderful families for their enthusiastic support.

Stuart Collidge
Head of Performing Arts