Junior School Report

Recently our talented 1B students hosted our Junior School assembly. The students acted out The Giving Tree and told the touching story with such passion and confidence. The Giving Tree teaches us to care for others and be grateful for what others do for us. It was an assembly that celebrated growth and the gift of gratitude. The students’ costumes, that included leaf headbands and leaf ropes, were simply beautiful. Each child had made a tree which was proudly presented to the audience. 1B and Mrs Black were certainly appreciative of the two beautiful trees that stand tall in our CGS courtyard which were the inspiration for their assembly. Well done to all.

Our Winter Concert took place last week and was a truly wonderful night that highlighted our talented CGS musicians. We were treated to percussion, jazz and string ensembles in addition to bands and choirs. Huge congratulations to Mrs Bronwyn Kyne, our Performing Arts team and our talented students for a night of sensational music. Bravo to all and well done to our Year 3 violinists who certainly stole the show.

Last week 3B hosted our assembly by providing us with A Ticket Around the World. The students took us on a trip around the world where we discovered various beautiful countries and cultures. Their costumes, dancing, confidence and joy were definite highlights. I particularly enjoyed their final number when they performed a rousing rendition of Peter Allen’s iconic song, ‘I still call Australia home’. It never fails to bring a tear to my eye. The pride they displayed while waving their Australian flags proved to me that we certainly all live in a wonderful country. Well done to Mrs Brown and her 3B students.

Hoping everyone takes time during our midyear break to relax, slow down and spend time with those most precious to them: family and friends.

I look forward to welcoming our Junior School students back to CGS on Tuesday 23 July.

Melissa Roberton

Head of Junior School

Dr Richard Trist Visit

Dr Richard Trist, one of the founders of Casey Grammar School and the honoured namesake of Trist House, recently visited the Years 3 to 6 Trist House students. A man of remarkable character and unwavering dedication, Dr Trist inspired students with his wisdom and stories of how Casey Grammar School came to be. As he shared anecdotes of his own journey and the values that shaped him, his words ignited a spark of motivation by encouraging students to be ‘can do’ people.

Students were delighted to be able to connect with the living history of their school, ask questions, share our values and sing our chant.

Trist House is a testament to his contributions, determination and leadership. Dr Trist’s legacy of commitment and excellence continues to inspire us all.

Our First Year 1 House Meeting

The Year 1 students had a fantastic time at their very first House Meeting, where they got to meet their House Captains, learn about their House values and sing their chant. It was also a chance for them to get to know the other students in their House and meet new friends.

The students certainly brought along their excitement and team spirit. We are now looking forward to meeting with the Foundation students next term.

Junior School House Coordinators

Trist Reflections

“Sometimes we compete against the other Houses, but it’s just for fun. At our school, it’s not just about competing, it’s all about having fun. At our meeting I learnt that there are a lot of Trist House students.”

Toby, Year 1 Trist

“I liked learning the Trist chant and I like that everyone joined in to cheer people up. I liked seeing the leaders of the Houses being together and cheering other leaders on. I also liked how Miss Reale showed me Dr Trist.”

Nuvee, Year 1 Trist

“At our meeting I liked seeing the pictures of Trist House because I was in them and so was my brother.”

Dylan, Year 1 Trist

“I loved colouring the Trist logo and I learned the Trist song. I really liked seeing pictures of Trist House.”

Mehareen, Year 1 Trist

“I liked all of the House meeting, the colouring and the Trist song.”

Alankrita, Year 1 Trist

Bridgette Reale

Head of Trist House

Booth House Year 1 Meeting

The Year 1’s enjoyed a fabulous first House Meeting with Miss Nolan and House Captains Logan and Sidakleen. The meeting began by introducing our mascot Billy Booth. The students then learnt our Booth chant. They demonstrated excellent house spirit and were very enthusiastic with their singing. The students then introduced themselves, before playing some fun games. Finally, we talked about our House logo and how it is pictured on our uniforms. The students then finished the session by completing some colouring in of the Booth House logo. Below are some reflections from some Year 1 Booth students.

“I loved meeting my Head of House, Miss Nolan. I also had fun learning our House chant!”

Ruby W 1B

“The best part was playing the games with the House Captains (Logan and Sidakleen) and colouring in the House logo.”

Jesslyn B 1M

“I loved meeting Billy Booth and playing the games. The House Meeting was fun!”

Ruby L 1G

Miss Sarah Nolan

Head of Booth House

Melbourne Football Club School Holiday Program

Junior School Production

Auditions have begun for the Junior School Production of What a Knight.

See the attached flyer for more information.

Bronwyn Kyne

Head of Leaver House – Junior School