Just imagine …

Every year we have House Chapels where we celebrate our Senior School Houses. Last week we came together to celebrate Reid and Trist whilst exploring the theme, ‘Imagine’. One of my favourite parts of these services is the way the Heads of House, House Captains and members of the House come together to make something that reflects their students and staff.

We also launched our new Reid and Trist House banners as part of the service. Here is a reflection from the House Captains about the meaning of them.

Emily and Molly – Reid House Captains

“Reid’s House banner encompasses what the house is truly about. In the middle we have a road, representing the road to success that each individual is a part of. Now success is not about winning or coming first, it is about achieving the small and big goals that are important to each of us. Each journey is different, but we are all on the path to success in our own ways. The end of the road holds a rainbow and a pot of gold, representing the end achievements that we all work towards. Each goal is different and how it is achieved may look different, yet we all deserve success as a result of hard work. The coloured fingerprints represent the diversity within our house, not only by culture, but also by skill and knowledge which are supported by the hands of the wellbeing mentors, who are there to support this journey and develop a strong bond within each wellbeing group. Finally, the yellow and gold represents the bright colour of Reid and the positive spirit that comes with it.”

Nicholas and Tina – Trist House Captains

“To present our diverse range of Tristians and community — each with a formidable mark on our teamwork and talent — every member of Trist was invited to contribute to our banner. The Year 12s imprinted their hand representing their role of leadership and responsibility at Casey Grammar, and the rest of our house marked a fingerprint, symbolizing the individual effort and commitment. Additionally, fingerprints are known for their association with identity, allowing us to applaud everyone for their individual quirks and qualities within our House, which is instrumental to our connectivity and competition, amplifying the platform for those who have similar likes or traits, for example; dodgeball, word-games, art and trivia to bond and learn from one another.”

Another highlight was the incredible music performance which was created by two students in both Houses. We are so grateful for the work they put in to creating such a meaningful performance of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

It is about celebrating our students, but also our incredible mentors. Student representatives from each wellbeing group wrote something about their mentor which was put together to create a flip book. You can watch it below.


A huge thanks to all involved, particularly Mr Brown and Mrs Schreuder, the House Captains, Emily and Molly, Tina and Nicholas, as well as all the students involved. I will conclude our term by including the Benediction from this Chapel service.

God of imagination

Who spoke and created

Who breathes life where there is none

May we be open to imagine

What life could be

If we placed ourselves in the shoes of another

If we expressed more of our gratitude to people in our lives

If we could seek to be people who imagine a better world

A better community

A better school

Better relationships

And then take the actions necessary to bring that imagination to life

In the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Every blessing to you all over the coming holiday break.

Monique Riviere-Pendle