It has been wonderful seeing our students engage with the world around them through a variety of incursions and excursions.

Since the last newsletter, our Year 2 students have learned more about the wonderful world of science through a visit to Scienceworks; the Year 6 students learned about the functions of parliament at Parliament House; Year 4 students enjoyed Imax: Year 10 students visited Melbourne Museum, and our VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies students challenged themselves on their Snow Camp.

It is wonderful to see the students’ learning accelerated through these immersive experiences!

Assemblies and Chapel Service

Today, Senior School enjoyed their end-of-term Chapel service conducted by students from Reid and Booth Houses.

I commend the students on their poise and confidence on the stage and thank our Chaplain Cindy Waters for advising and assisting the students in their preparation for this very special chapel service.

Last week, 4H and 6M wowed the Junior School with their fabulous assembly presentations. Casey Grammar students’ confidence and public speaking skills are exceptional and it is always a pleasure to see them shine on the stage!

STAR WARTS – The Umpire Strikes Back

Last week, the Junior School students ran a full-dress rehearsal of their school production Star Warts – The Umpire Strikes Back.

The students are well prepared and very excited to present their production to you. Performances are on 14 and 15 September and tickets are selling fast. Grab your tickets before it is sold out.


The Teenage Brain

Earlier this term, all teachers at Casey Grammar underwent a day’s professional learning led by Dr Jared Cooney Horvath.

Dr Horvath is an expert in the field of educational neuroscience. His work focuses on translating neuroscientific principles to enhance teaching and learning practices within the classroom. The staff found Dr Horvath’s workshop fascinating and have adopted many of his teaching strategies in their own classrooms.

In the webinar below, Dr Horvath provides parents with an insight into the brains of their children; how the brain develops and how things change during adolescence and early adulthood.

Through fun, interactive activities, parents, carers (and even their young people!) can learn how (and why) teenagers think differently than adults and consider ways we can support them academically, emotionally, and cognitively.

I highly recommend this webinar.


Holiday Break

As the end of the term draws near, I wish everyone a safe and relaxing school holiday. I hope you have all made special plans and, unlike many school holidays in the past, your plans will come to fruition.

With the holidays fast approaching, I recommend the article below to the parents of teenagers Holidays and Teen Socialising: Why Age-appropriate Monitoring is Vital written by drug education expert Paul Dillon.


Fiona Williams