Wow, what a term it has been!

I am so proud of the cast and all of our Year 3-6 students for their amazing efforts during ‘Starwarts – The Umpire Strikes Back’.

The students certainly rose to the challenge of auditions, honing their characterisation skills and learning their songs and dances.

Thank you to the parents and staff who helped with all the costumes. The students look amazing!

On Friday, we performed for the Foundation to Year 2 students. The cast really enjoyed performing for them, and can’t wait to do it again in front of their loved ones in the audience.

To everyone on stage, backstage and front of house – thank you for making this such an amazing show, it is definitely a Casey Grammar School community effort – so well done everyone!!

I look forward to seeing you for our final performances on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 September.

Mrs Bronwyn Kyne

Performing Arts Teacher