Story Quest - Perform Education Incursion

Book Week celebrations have begun!

The Foundation to Grade 2 students were recently entertained by the group at Perform Education. They produced a play that incorporated a range of books from the Children’s Book Council Australia shortlist.

During Library classes, students have read all the books referenced in the show, which allowed them to fully engage in the storyline. However, the play would have been entertaining even if they hadn’t read them all. A combination of songs, actions and an interesting plot allowed students to sit and watch as well as get up and move throughout the show.

The story followed a young girl called Marley who used the books to learn how to progress through obstacles on a search for her “happily ever after”. She enlisted the help of her friend Harry, who was a reluctant participant in her adventure. Despite this, they finally find the ending that they craved, but perhaps not in the way they expected to see it when they first set out on their journey.

To have students laughing and watching the show after 2 years of limited group celebrations was so great to see and hear. Staff appeared to enjoy the show just as much!

It is a great start to the Book Week incursions, occurring with author/illustrator Mark Wilson to work with the students in Years 3-6: author Fern Schreuder ready to motivate the Year 7 students, and a Dress Up Day for the whole school to conclude Book Week on Friday, 26 August.

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club brochures will be coming home by the 12 August.

Please ensure all orders are placed online by Friday, 26 August. Orders placed after this date might not go through for delivery with the school.

When the books are received by the school, they will be distributed to the respective children who have made a purchase. Book Club is entirely optional but a great way to add books to your home libraries for students to enjoy over and over again.

If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to either your classroom teacher or the library and we will be happy to help.