Good Universities Guide – 2020/21 data released

The annual Good Universities Guide ratings have been revealed. The ratings provide independent five-star performance ratings for every University in Australia, based on student feedback. The annual data allows individuals to make informed decisions when selecting a University based on criteria such as graduate salaries, teaching quality, student support and learning resources.

When selecting a course to study, I always encourage students to pursue a career pathway that aligns with their interests, values and strengths. In addition to this, I also encourage students to consider trends in the labour market and job prospects. There are some great resources to assist students with this research including the Australian Job Outlook website.

When reflecting on Good Universities Guide results in relation to graduate employability (i.e. graduate salary and full-time employment statistics), it was interesting to note that a local University (Federation University) has fared very well as compared to its larger counterparts. More specifically:

Graduate Salary (Victoria based*) – Top 3

  1. Federation University ($63,000)
  2. Swinburne University of Technology ($63,000)
  3. Australian Catholic University ($61,500)**

Full Time Employment – 4 months after graduation (Victoria based*) – Top 3

  1. Australian Catholic University
  2. Federation University
  3. Monash

*Does not include Interstate Universities (i.e. CQU, Charles Sturt) that have Victorian campuses.

**ACU campuses = Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Strathfield, Ballarat, Canberra).

It is important to note that decisions regarding courses and subsequently, the appropriate University should not be based on this data exclusively. My role is to ensure that our students have access to all available information and resources to support informed decision-making. This guide is one such resource.

For further information regarding University ratings, I would encourage you to visit link.

Open Days

Please find below a list of upcoming Open Day events. For an exhaustive list of open day activities (including private provider’s events), please visit:

Australian Catholic University

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Box Hill Institute

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5 September 2020
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Monash University

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Swinburne University of Technology

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Victoria University

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29 August 2020
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I am in Year 12 and thinking about a Gap Year. What do you think?

You’re bound to hear a host of opinions on why taking a gap year is a good or bad idea. It can be difficult to make such a personal decision when everyone has a different opinion. Over the last few weeks, I have had a number of Year 12 students make mention of taking a Gap year in 2021. They often ask my opinion on whether this is a good option.

In light of the current pandemic and the subsequent impact on the Australian job market, the advice I am providing this year is very different to what it would be in any other year.

In short - whilst a Gap year can typically be a great option for students who are transitioning out of Secondary School, we are not navigating ‘normal’ times and there are some risks of disengaging from further study or training. There is no doubt, the best place to be in times of an economic downturn is actively developing and enhancing our skills. This puts us in a good position to transition into work when the labour market inevitably opens up again.

What better place to develop and enhance your skills than tertiary study (TAFE or University)!

The risk of taking a Gap year in 2021 is that students may struggle to find work, as they will be competing against more qualified individuals, for fewer jobs. With international travel off the cards at this time, students who choose to take a Gap year may find themselves in a situation where they are unemployed and stuck at home. Aside from the emotional toll this can have, no work + no travel = no meaningful opportunity to develop your employability skills.

My advice – keep options open! If you are still thinking a Gap year is what you want in 2021, apply for University or TAFE and accept any offer/s you receive. Whilst doing this, use your time productively during December and January to secure employment. If you are unable to find work (or increase hours in your current role), you will have a course waiting for you to commence study in February/March.

Remember – I am here to support you with your transition from CGS to further employment, training or employment; whatever that looks like for the individual.

Mrs Sarah Blythman

Head of Careers and Student Pathways