From the Head of Junior School

It is with great enthusiasm, due to the declining number of COVID-19 cases in Victoria, that I sincerely hope we can look forward to a safe return to school in Term 4. Presently I am sitting in my office onsite looking out on our eerily quiet school. While remote learning has been a necessary part of helping to drive our numbers down during Stage 4 restrictions, I simply can’t wait to have our students back in their rightful place at school.

While working remotely I have enjoyed preparing online assemblies for our P-2 and Year 3-6 students. I hope our students have enjoyed them too. Congratulations to our many award recipients. Thanks to Mrs Kyne for putting the wonderful songs together for our P-2 assemblies. They have certainly been a highlight of my week.

Wishing all our dads a wonderful upcoming Father’s Day and I hope you enjoy spending the day with your treasured children.

Until our much anticipated return to onsite learning, please stay safe and well.

Mrs Melissa Roberton

Head of Junior School

100 Days of Prep

Thursday 20 August was the day to celebrate 100 days of learning for our brilliant Prep students. Each child received a 100-day parcel in the mail and it was a nail-biting finish with the last few arriving just in time.

Thursday began with a busy, excited Google Meet to open the parcels. Bits and pieces were flying everywhere within 25 mini-screens of the Google Meet! Many questions… What are we doing with the Smarties? Why do I have a balloon? Are the stickers mine to keep? What are we doing with the bean seed?

It all became clear as the day progressed, the smarties turned into a maths game, the balloon a dance, and the bean seed … is for another day! The children embraced it all just as they have embraced this topsy-turvy year with enthusiasm, joy and goodwill. The grand finale of the day was digital disco!

Ms Charlotte Bouman

Head of Early Years


Years 3 to 6 Specialist Matrix Tasks

The specialist teachers wait in daily anticipation as students from Years 3 to 6 share their wonderful work.

Students’ creativity and independence come through in every task shared with us.

The following images/videos are a snapshot of the great work students are producing.


Students have been learning all about the body in French during remote learning. The following is a small sample of the very creative ‘monsters’ they have created. Please login from your child’s cgstudent account to access this document.

CGS Monsters


National Science Week was from 15 – 23 August. Students have been able to choose from a variety of Science experiments from the Matrix. Here are some videos of Vrinda from 3R and Theekshana from 4B enjoying some Science experiments at home.

Walking Water Science Experiment by Vrinda Sharma, 3R

Paper Chromatography by Vrinda Sharma, 3R

Elephant Toothpaste by Theekshana Talapareddy, 4B

Diffusion by Theekshana Talapareddy, 4B

Mrs Bronwyn Kyne

Performing Arts Teacher/ Head of Leaver House

Year 3 Similes Poems about Rainbows

Rainbows are…

Red like a dark juicy strawberry.

Orange like a beautiful elegant sunset.

Yellow like a sunflower blowing in the wind.

Green like a juicy lime.

Blue like the waving ocean.

Violet is like a beautiful orchid.

Pink like a perky Flamingo.

By Leilah Daniells, 3R

Rainbows are…

Red like the shiny armour of Iron man’s suit.

Orange like - the tasty and juicy round oranges.

Yellow like the big bright sun on a Summer’s day.

Green like a tree frog leaping from its lily pad.

Blue like the beautiful, great big sky.

Violet like juicy, sweet plums.

Pink like tall and brilliant flamingo’s in the wild.

By Luca Mattheisz, 3R

Rainbows are…

Red like big juicy shiny apples in the sun.

Orange like a shiny goldfish in a tank.

Yellow like an all yellow, ripe banana ready to eat.

Green like Booth House in a greenhouse.

Blue like the sea and the clear sky all day.

Purple like morning glories outside in Malaysia.

Pink like the balloons in the air.

By Merilyn Tan, 3R

Annie's Rainbow Bracelets

Annie had the amazing idea of making friendship bracelets and adding them to her collection. She has made 1 set of 7 bracelets in the 7 colours of the rainbow. Anyone who buys one would always know they have 6 friends somewhere in the country, who are part of their rainbow. How cool and unique!

Well, guess what? Not surprisingly, they have been snapped up very quickly! Each of the 7 bracelets went respectively to VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, and TAS! So those ‘Rainbow Club’ members now have friends all across the country! Annie and her brother Murphy also made ‘official club member’ tags for those 7 lucky recipients of the rainbow bracelets.

As of last weekend, Annie has now raised an incredible $1131 for the MSFIN! She has a big idea brewing for her ‘final bracelet’ so the Hancox family can wrap this project up with a BANG in the coming weeks. I can't wait to share this with you soon, so stayed tuned! Congratulations to Annie. She continues to blow us away with her creativity and kind-heartedness.

Miss Bridgette Reale

Head of Trist House