From the Head of Senior School

What a spectacular day for our Year 12 Valedictory Day – for our Class of 2020! It was very fitting to have such great day as we say goodbye to an exceptional group of people. I would like to remind the Class of 2020 of the essence of my message to them at their Valedictory Dinner this week…….

…. you are an inspiring group of people. You have experienced a momentous year and learnt many unique skills that will serve you well as you enter your post-secondary years. We will be drawing on you as models for all our future Casey Grammar students as they move through their unique challenges on their unique path. Remember to draw on your resilience and courage that you have built over this year as you create change in our world because you now know you can take on any challenge that faces you!

Good luck in your ongoing journey and good luck to those doing exams. The Casey Grammar community is proud of you!

As well as saying goodbye to our Year 12 students this week, we welcomed back on to campus our Year 8 to 10 students. How wonderful it was to do so too. The campus felt fully alive again and had that vibrant feel of a full school cohort we have missed so much.

Our student body is truly an amazing one and each one of our students should feel proud of what they have achieved over the last few months. I look forward to enjoying the rest of Term 4 with our students back on-campus.

Please enjoy your long weekend coming up, with the restrictions reducing and the weather promising to be good, I trust you will do so.

Ms Cathy Marchmont

Acting Head of Senior School / VCE Coordinator