Father’s Day 

Sunday was the first Father’s Day in my life that I haven’t spent with my Dad. I imagine for many parents, this is the same, and for many students, the first time not visiting their grandfathers. Father’s Day and fatherhood can come with mixed feelings – for some, a reminder of loss and a bond that never reached its potential. We know that for some, the most significant male figure in their lives is not their father – but a person has taken on the paternal role. For others, the Father’s Day is a chance to celebrate a treasured relationship that has strengthened the child and assisted their journey to adulthood. 

Last week I had the pleasure of looking at the wide ranging contributions to our Father’s Day video, (available on the Casey Grammar Facebook page and on the website), as our students from Prep – Year 6 wrote about and drew memories of their Dad or simply took the time to thank their fathers for the role they play in their lives. So many different elements of the father/ child relationship were identified; the students love playing games, cooking, gardening, snuggling, camping, fishing, laughing, shopping, making things, playing sport, walking, reading and being tickled by their Dads. These are just some of the things that they value in those relationships. 

When I reflect on my own relationship with my father, and my childhood I am fortunate to have so many positive memories of the way in which he helped to build me up and form me. What was interesting as I looked at this collection from our students was how many items from that list are the things I valued about my own relationship with my Dad as a child. So often, I think we can focus on the generational differences, and perhaps mistakenly believe that technology has changed everything. What is obvious in this collection is how our students value the time their fathers spend with them. So, to the dads reading this – please know that the books you read, the walks you go on, the cooking you do, the times in the garden, when you kick the footy or play cricket with your children, it is making a difference to them and they appreciate it. Thank you. 

One of the most powerful descriptions of God is in the Lord’s Prayer that we pray at each Senior assembly when we are on campus. It famously begins, ‘Our Father’. This image of God is a powerful one of a relationship that is nurturing, empowering and encouraging, inviting us to see the potential of who we can be. 

Health Care Worker Video 

If any parents or members of our community wish to submit a message/ drawing/ reflection to form our Health Care Worker video, please send them to m.riviere-pendle@caseygrammar.vic.edu.a.by Monday 14 September. These will be collated by the end of the term and sent to hospitals with COVID wards to hopefully encourage those on the front line. 

Every blessing in the week ahead.

Mrs Monique Riviere-Pendle