We would like to congratulate all Junior School students on an exceptional year!

All students performed exceptionally well throughout 2023 and there were a few students we would like to pay special tribute to.

Year 3B Academic Excellence Award Eleanor D
Year 3B Merit Award Taj S
Year 3N Academic Excellence Award Ethan D
Year 3N Merit Award Sofia F
Year 3S Academic Excellence Award Emily W
Year 3S Merit Award Sahansa D
Year 4B Academic Excellence Award Akshainiy S
Year 4B Merit Award Snaver M
Year 4L Academic Excellence Award Khloe S
Year 4L Merit Award Natalie H
Year 4H Academic Excellence Award Stanley Z
Year 4H Merit Award Saahib M
Year 5K Academic Excellence Award McKenzie G 
Year 5K Merit Award Zayan H
Year 5R Academic Excellence Award Lynette S
Year 5R Merit Award Logan L
Year 5L Academic Excellence Award Vinuka P
Year 5L Merit Award Gurnur K
Year 6B Academic Excellence Award Dihein F
Year 6B Merit Award Merilyn T
Year 6S Academic Excellence Award Malay M
Year 6S Merit Award Dylan P 

Booth House Spirit Award Ruby K 
Leaver House Spirit Award Enrick L 
Reid House Spirit Award Rugved C 
Trist House Spirit Award Isabelle F 

Literary Excellence Award Matilda L 
French Excellence Award Isabelle V 
STEM Excellence Award George T 
DigiTech Excellence Award Akila S
Performing Arts Excellence Award Elise F
Visual Arts Excellence Award Ravijot S
Sporting Excellence Award Zara M 

Principal’s Endeavour Award Eli B
Principal’s Endeavour Award Aarnav B
Principal’s Endeavour Award Jayden D 
Principal’s Endeavour Award Namish M 
Principal’s Service Award Shanaya S 
Principal’s Service Award Nelu M 
Principal’s Service Award Harrison L 
Principal’s Service Award Agam B
Principal's Award Jaxon B 
Principal's Award Sahej M 
Principal's Award Annie H 
Principal's Award Harleen S 
"One in the Spirit" Award Alanna D 

The Bell Family Mathematics Scholarship Joelene P 
PFC Encouragement Award Ruby C 
Tom and Betty Kelly Memorial Scholarship Mia P 
Tom and Betty Kelly Memorial Scholarship Cooper H 
Tom and Betty Kelly Memorial Scholarship Gulreen J
Tom and Betty Kelly Memorial Scholarship Saanvi S 
Tom and Betty Kelly Memorial Scholarship Isabella S 

Annalise Roy Positivity Award Lindsay W