SIS Big Night 2022

The SIS Big Night 2022 will be held on Tuesday 5 April at the Drum Theatre in Dandenong. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the event and Casey Grammar School is proud to be a part of the performance.

The annual Big Night event features performances by SIS member schools and collaborative performances by a variety of schools. This year our Senior School brass, woodwind, orchestral string and percussion students are performing with the combined orchestra. The Senior Vocal Ensemble will also be representing Casey Grammar. 

Our students have been working diligently to prepare the material and rehearse their performances and they are very excited to be part of this great event.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased through the Drum Theatre website - click here.

Join Our Training Orchestra…

The Training Orchestra is for students who are in their first few years of learning a string instrument. Beginners who have only had a few lessons can sit alongside musicians who have been learning for over a year in a fun and supportive environment. We play simple but engaging pieces, focusing more on rhythm and staying together and less on complicated note reading. 

…or Perhaps Our String Ensemble

The String Ensemble is for students who have been playing a string instrument for a few years. We play a combination of well-known classical repertoire and interesting modern pieces, with the goal of putting on successful performances. Students learn to overcome challenges to perform difficult pieces and develop their technique and note-reading abilities.

Ms Yin Lam, Cello Teacher

Mr Matt Westwood, Violin Teacher

A Student’s Perspective On Music

‘One of the most rewarding experiences is to learn an instrument. I have been part of the String Ensemble for about three years. Rehearsals are usually held on Monday morning and we have a lot of fun. I love playing the violin in an ensemble. We can learn an ordinary piece of music but we create an amazing, harmonious piece instead. Overall, String Ensemble is an amazing group of talented musicians and I don’t regret joining it!’

Esha S 7C